www.centerhealingracism.org- Center for the Healing of Racism: With the avowed purpose of healing racism, the Center established the goals that would guide this achievement. These goals call for the creation of a safe and accepting environment in which people can explore issues of racism, recognize manifestations of racism, examine assumptions and beliefs about racism, understand the impact of racism on themselves and others, and receive the support and encouragement to begin the healing process.

www.savingsons.org - Saving Our Sons is dedicated to protecting the genital integrity of our children by educating about the risks of routine infant circumcision, exploring commonly believed myths and arming you with facts with which to make an informed decision.

www.sos-bees.org - Greenpeace - Save our Bees! Bees and other pollinating insects play an essential role in ecosystems. A third of all our food depends on their pollination. A world without pollinators would be devastating for food production.

https://aromidwifery.wordpress.com - Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression Work in Midwifery, midwives and birth workers who are working to deepen our understanding of and take action to dismantle institutional racism and oppression in midwifery.


Evidence Based Birth Tutorial: How to Find Birth Evidence

Reducing Fear of Birth in U.S. Culture: Ina May Gaskin at TEDxSacramento

Pleasure Bonding in Birth for Couples: Ina May Gaskin

Play IS Learning: Joseph Chilton Pearce

Mother-Infant Bonding & The Intelligence of the Heart: Joseph Chilton Pearce

"J" Breathing/Birth Breathing: HypnoBirthing Technique for Childbirth

90 Seconds to Change the World - Delayed Cord Clamping
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